Phantom Demi-Vertebrae

A quick inversion to explore greater geometry definition at the bifurcations.

We have uncovered a new novel cell form in the Brooklyn dig.  These seem to be made up of approximately half the cell form of the former cellulose vertebrae found a couple weeks ago.  The cells have a spiny protuberance that realigns the mass contained within the quad-lobed cell-form.  These images are currently only from deep scanning x-ray microscopy and are several hundred feet beneath the previous sample.  We believe this may be an earlier proto-form of the previously discovered organism, perhaps a more autonomous variation with increased individual motility due to the spine like appendage that may have been movable  at its base.  We hope to reach this level in a few months so that we can fully examine these forms and determine their evolutionary connection to the cellulose calcification in higher strata.

Floral Topographies or Islands in the Geometry of Rose

I made an afternoon in the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens last fall while the roses were in full bloom.  This is one of a series of drawings exploring the composition of photographs exploring morphological differentiation between varieties.  The drawing, as they do, took on its own form, expanding into a topographical field.  The individual flowers act as seeds for expanding and converging curves, populating the page with islands.  Each region maintains a structure and resemblance to its original variety while adapting at the edges to merge with the neighboring domain.


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