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Cocooning Luna Moth Ring

This post is coming a little late (the ring did as well :), but I wanted to show off my latest gift for ldweezy.  This is a mutation of the original Luna Moth Pendant for a while back.  Here the creature is within the cocoon, transforming from larva to ethereal moth.  The transforming creature bends around the finger to encapsulated it on the verge of new life.

The ring is cast in sterling silver and then plated in Rhodium to add a durable bright finish.  There are two Mexican Fire Opals, one prominently displayed, the other deeply nested as an internal lens for intense light.  This is the first time I have mixed metals with gems.  here I went simple and used some high strength jewelry epoxy (Aleene's Jewelry & Metal) to a fix the gems withing their specifically designed nests in the form.

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