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DN Studios Application

Initial design information architecture map

Concept sketch produced during a planning meeting @ Pratt

Initial design mockups

In a constant search for a way to collect, process, manage and integrate my work teaching architecture and design courses @ Pratt and NYCCT CityTech I have used many available software platforms to collaborate and share information between me and the students.  So far none of these have really hit the nail on the head for my teaching process and desired ease of use for the students and myself.  I have decided to take some time and build my own application.  These images are some initial sketches of information modeling, workflow and design mockups.  With an initial design and map in place I have started on the code.  I am using this as an opportunity to try out the recent release of Ruby on Rails 4with a MongoDB powered document database supported by Mongoid.  These are all great open source projects, making creating productive and fun tools easy and exciting.

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