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Fossil updates :: New cell form

Phantom Demi-Vertebrae

A quick inversion to explore greater geometry definition at the bifurcations.

We have uncovered a new novel cell form in the Brooklyn dig.  These seem to be made up of approximately half the cell form of the former cellulose vertebrae found a couple weeks ago.  The cells have a spiny protuberance that realigns the mass contained within the quad-lobed cell-form.  These images are currently only from deep scanning x-ray microscopy and are several hundred feet beneath the previous sample.  We believe this may be an earlier proto-form of the previously discovered organism, perhaps a more autonomous variation with increased individual motility due to the spine like appendage that may have been movable  at its base.  We hope to reach this level in a few months so that we can fully examine these forms and determine their evolutionary connection to the cellulose calcification in higher strata.

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