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Mapping is a strategy for exploring new frontiers, reconciling the unknown into accessible information. It is an abstraction, providing access to ambiguous territories and generating new organizations in the flowing space of the real and the imagined.  We will map through analytical and generative drawing, recombinant animation, and computational models, engaging architecture as a medium of thick space operating within the horizontal constraints of the mat building typology.

Our maps will investigate rhythmic grid systems as sampling and remixing devices for generating new territories through “the wall.” Walls operate as mediators, interfaces of delineation and separation, but they can also be thresholds, markers of spatial sequence and discovery. We will question how walls can become destabilizing devices of interface and transition. Our new walls will operate as a grafting device between conflicting conditions; splicing old / new, building / site, ground / sky, and solid / void; and embracing contradictions. 


The previous image and statement are a studio prompt for the coming Fall 2019 semester of ARCH 201 :: Intermediate Design I at Pratt School of Architecture. This is a second year undergraduate architecture design studio with a primary focus on the plan and the mat building typology. Horizontal oscillations of thickness and void predominate while vertical deformations and shifts bring spatial novelty in section.

The poster is a re-collage of drawings and images extracted from a competition entry to the YAC (Young Architects Competition) :: Art Prison that we did at Miscellaneous Projects a couple years back. Techniques of collages and hybrid drawing form the basis of many of my project design strategies. The complex translations of aesthetic drivers and qualitative inputs brings unexpected territory to the programmatic requirements of a project and drives form out of preconceived domains.

I will perhaps put together a few more posts on the collage process.

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