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ARNICA (softly)

Perfect Fit Packaging - Photo by LC

The ring wraps my finger every day, battle tested and much approved

I can't help but wear these at least twice a week.

The Initial Collection

ARNICA - Photo by LC

It's HERE! After what seems like years (or actually has been years) we have the initial offerings from the ARNICA collection live and available. I hope that they inspire and delight your visual senses and entice your desire for beautiful things.

Now...A word from our sponsors (us, ARNICA,, Miscellaneous Projects)

Arnica is a collaboration between Laura Coombs and Robert Lee Brackett III. We create Arnica objects through our interest in translating biological forms into rich materials on an intimately wearable human scale. We search for novel creations by combining digital technologies with traditional craft, merging digital organic modeling, 3D printing, and CNC machining with lost wax casting, rare metal alloys, and detailed hand finishing. At the core of Arnica is our shared curiosity to understand and transform organic form into material beauty.


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