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Cholla Cactus Wood - Joshua Tree National Park

Updated: Aug 13, 2019

Cholla cactus woven micro endo-skeleton.

This is a series of shots focusing on the internal structure of a Cholla Cactus in the Joshua Tree National Forest.  Beautiful woven structures encase a central chamber.  The patterns operate at multiple scales utilizing a similar growth patterns form a complex structure and layered landscape for the harsh desert environment. 

We came across Cholla cactus garden at sunset on our final day, it was quite a treat to experience the florescence of the glowing spines in the raking light.  The dramatic light also revealed amazing spaces within the internal structure of the decaying plants.  I am excited to spend more time analyzing the growth structure as a growth and texture paradigm for future projects.  This is a good opportunity to expand some old research into weaving and skinning performed back in graduate school.

Strangling Blackness

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