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Drawing 007


A series of floral radiations spiraling from a striated mesh.  Each form differentiates and exhibits unique characteristics within its petals.

This drawings started from a somewhat arbitrary placement of three similar circles on the page.  From there, I began a series of radiating curves converging at a similar radius from the each circle.  This pattern created a folding effect as the single line of the circle was subdivided by the emerging petal forms.  The flowers were constrained to only operate in a single depth plane, so the drawing sequence was an important factor in the final relationship between the flowers, as later petals had to deform to respect established boundaries.  Upon completion of the petals, I went to work on a shifting parallel line pattern that took its varying directions from the hinge between petals.  The striated mesh provides a medium, or substrate, for the growing flowers.  Finally I took the opportunity to experiment with three different rendering techniques within the local space of the petals, projecting possible differentiation of new varietals.

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