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Drawing 015

A plant-like canopy structure for summer cocktails.

This started as a simple drawing to work in the space of symmetrical similarity.  Knowing that my hand & eye (without significant desire and attention) will not draw two sides of a symmetrical form the same, I set out to find opportunities in the emergent irregularities.  The drawing maintains a mirroring of the general line/curve structure but allows for local differentiation as each side of the drawings grows into a life of its own.  A living breathing growing structure takes form from the minimal environment of the page.  Differences in surface texture introduce variation in texture and bilateral deformations.  The fleshy membrane structure begins to suggest a tent or canopy as the folds & creases solidify and form archways.  Perhaps it is on its way to becoming a cathedral of the leaf.  A siphon for light, air and water.

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