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Drawing 021 :: Summer Camp Landscapes

Where is your camp?

Many of my evening drawings start without an established trajectory or predetermined intent.  This one began from nine open dots spaced somewhat evenly, but misaligned across the field of the page.  I then worked through layers of loosely guided procedures to create relationships between the dots.  

Vectors spin off from the orbiting perimeter, fleeing the page or terminating into on another.  These collision produce angles and arcs, triggering further subdivision along the lines.  The arcs continue their trajectories beyond their initial boundaries defining a conflict between angular space and curved space throughout the field.  This provides a medium for further inhabitation of regions by texture and orientation.  More organic forms press on the primary mass from the less ordered exterior regions.

When I step back, the drawing feels like an aerial view of some patchwork plan.  The disjunction but interrelation reminds my of my summers at Camp Drake, sliding between ordered Boy Scout activities and the encompassing nature, broken by bridges, trails, and the occasional haunted cabin the the woods.

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