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Hello World

Updated: Jun 29, 2019

"We came here to do something, so let's do something!"

:: Pillsbury - Land of the Dead

Expressions: Synaptic Resistive Skin :: CityTech INTERSECTIONS

Presentation and exhibition at New York College of Technology( INTERSECTIONS: Building Interdisciplinary Pedagogy | Building Integrated Practice on June 1st 2012.

Layered relationships incorporating synaptic impulses, behavioral dependencies, tectonic resistance & temporal latency converge, producing a space of emergent surface patterns. A resistive skin dances to an adaptive pseudo-aperiodic rhythm generated with Maya's simulation and animation tools. The presence of time shifts from a linear index of progressing behavior to a generative component with instantaneous emergence. The E:SRS takes advantage of the Maya's expression engine to generate micro-scale relationships among distinct surface geometry families (points). Synaptic signals inform each family to pulse, scale, translate and contract within bounded randomly generated ranges as the surface searched the extents of is deformation. Dynamic simulation tools: particle systems, proxy geometry linking & tectonic spring systems produce latent temporal rhythms that propagate and converge across the active surface. Expressions, faces emerge within the behavioral matrix to explore infinitely variable constrained pattern generation.

The E:SRS project takes advantage of 4th axis CNC fabrication technology extract these infinite patterns from the virtual simulation & rapidly translate digital form into unique physical objects. The final sculptural wall system takes periodic samples of the E:SRS system and outputs them directly to RhinoCAM for CNC programming . Each component runs through a prototyped toolpath system before being carved from solid stock material in a single cutting operation on NYCCT's two Roland MDX540 4-axis CNC routers.

The result is a pseudo-modularized paneling system generating quick infinite surface and formal variation straight through to production. Material expressions, material behavior.

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