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Hyphae Simulations mk1

This blog has been on a long hiatus, primarily due to aging and broken technology and my lack of time commitment to fix it. I took the time this week to transfer everything over to a new platform and I am excited to get back into sharing bits and pieces of the miscellaneous projects (shameless plug to another website that lacks the content that it should have, phase 2 of this reengaged web presence) that occupy my professional life.

The video above is an early experiment with Maya nParticles and dynamics to simulate something similar to hyphae growth (the filaments of mycelium or neurons). I started this as a tinkering project to potentially produce forms for some strange jewelry and also serve as examples for my Sensation Tectonics class at Pratt. With this platform up and running again I have a reason to output more and document some of the techniques used to create this, and maybe even continue the translation from digital simulation to material artifact.

The intense background music is ripped from an old video game, Syndicate Wars, a cyberpunk classic. The influence on my younger self's aesthetic tuning may be apparent here.

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