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Life emerging from complexity.

Territories expand and contract in thick organizations around rhythmic structures.

Visual music. Hypnotic topography. Myriad boundaries.

The collage incorporates layers of vertical striation from the three images below (from my previous post). These flowers from the island of Serifos in Greece contribute their vibrant colors and deep formal complexity to the emerging territory of the rollage study.

The discreet images offer inputs into a new territory of aesthetic relationships. Rhythms and Qualities slither forward then fade back. Complexity begins to layer, differentiate, preparing for a phase of re-sampling and reintegration.

A few adjustments to the saturation and contrast to create a higher intensity map for use as a Height Field input in Rhino. This created a bumpy, high frequency, ground territory, remapped as soft topographic relationships in the drawing below.

The topography traverses peripheral coastal boundaries (blue), large interior domains (green), oozing islands (magenta) and dramatic peaks (cyan). The whole territory pulses and flows through the map. the vertical striation of the collage still emerges and regulate but not longer dominate and retreat into the cuddling topography.

Another round of sampling and remapping back to the original collage territory. It feels like a 90's psychedelic tie dye or some heat map of a struggle between hyper toxic bacteria .

Where does it go next? Unlike many of these studies, it is not connected to a project or a larger design scope. I will have to do some exploring, trek through the emerging territory to discover its multiplicity of maps. Perhaps I will call it Myriad - influence from my current SciFi readings from Olaf Stapledon (a post on that coming soon).

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