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Pratt Final Review Design 1 Fa2014

The following is a collection of the work produced during my First year Architectural Design Studio at Pratt for Fall 2014.  The images follow a group of 13 students through their initial journey into architecture.  They progressed through a series of Design Exercises that pit them in design conversations with Point & Line, Plane & Surface, Solid & Void, and finally a Hybrid synthesis of techniques into a spatial, architectural concept, a Folly.

An Architectural Proposition of…

For the final project of the semester you will design an architectural space, a Folly, exploring the intersection between two of your studied formal/spatial techniques (design approaches) and a proto-concept (scenario/proposition).  This will be a parallel process, moving from inside out and outside in as you mediate the space of collision between architecture as interior and exterior, architecture as a proposition of...  

Please browse the collection and follow the design process of the studio at teh following links:

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